Our body wants to heal and will keep trying  to heal and find its health again. Many of your symptoms can be the result of our body trying its hardest to do just that.

Our health is determined not just by our physical body, but also by our thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, patterns of behaviour and habits.

Imagine a beautiful bunch of different coloured balloons sitting together in a sturdy holder. Each balloon represents a different “string” of Naturopathy that can be used to help you recover:

  • clinical nutrition and dietary advice
  • western herbal medicine
  • emotional support
  • exercise and lifestyle advice
  • homeopathy and tissue salts
  • Bach flower remedies
  • bodywork

Treating you as a whole (rather than just as a system), addressing the causes of your condition (rather than only the symptoms) and understanding the innate healing power of your body are the hallmarks of Naturopathy.

As no two people are alike in their physicality, thoughts and emotions, your plan of treatment is tailored specifically for you using whichever “string/s” are best at the time to address your individual health concerns and support you in rediscovering your health.