Clinical Nutrition

  • Could you eat better?
  • Are you on the correct eating plan for what your body needs?

What we eat and drink has a direct impact on our health and sense of wellbeing.

What we eat and drink affects not only our physical body – it also has a profound effect on our thoughts, mental health and emotional health, all of which then have a direct effect on our physical health.

Many of us know that we are eating a poor diet and are not sure where to start or how to start making changes.

Marketing and advertising can make it difficult to make good food choices. Teaching you how to make good food choices, how to read labels and how to look past the spin and fancy packaging is all part of the consultation and treatment plan.

Many of us eat a poor diet and for a while can manage okay on it. But, underneath in our cells, tissues and organs, changes can be starting to take place that are laying down the foundation for chronic disease such as heart disease and high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune disease and thyroid conditions.

An individualised eating plan can be created just for you to support your body back to health. And, the good news is that you may not need to make many changes straight away. Often, making just one change at a time can have a great and lasting effect.

Vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements are often prescribed as part of the treatment program. Our bodies “chomp” through their nutrients at a faster rate when we are stressed, unwell or experiencing a chronic condition. When you combine that with a poor diet, it is easy for our body to suffer from a nutritional loss. Supplements can be effectively used to support your body replenish what is has lost and support the correction of the underlying imbalances. And, you will usually only be taking them while they are needed.