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Are you, or one of your loved ones, one of the nearly half-a-million Australians who suffer from vision impairment every single year?

Eye disease, injury, ageing, genetic factors and other health conditions can all affect the health of your eyesight, impacting your independence, ability to drive, mobility, and putting you at increased risk of falls, injuries, cognitive impairment and even social isolation.

When conventional treatments have gone as far as they can, many people look for an alternative approach. With research conducted in Denmark, the US and China, specific acupuncture protocols have demonstrated to be viable treatments for many vision disorders.

What is ben&biao’s Vision Acutherapy?

Ben&Biao’s Vision Acutherapy is an intensive and holistic program incorporating specialist acupuncture protocols, supplementation and herbs, diet and lifestyle advice to address vision issues ​such as Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Retinal Occlusion. The program is suitable for a range of eye conditions.

Heidi Dunn is an experienced acupuncturist and Dr of Chinese Medicine with many years of clinical practice.  Heidi has completed additional and specialist training in vision acupuncture and integrative vision protocols.

Postgraduate studies include training with Dr Andy Rosenfarb, a world-renowned and leading authority on Ophthalmology Acupuncture. In addition to completing Dr Rosenfarb’s advanced course in his micro48 system and ophthalmology acupuncture, Heidi also has undertaken additional training with Dr Marc Grossman, an authority on natural eye care and Chinese medical ophthalmology.

Ben&biao’s vision acutherapy provides a cohesive approach which draws upon your own current western medicine/ophthalmic diagnosis and management plan, and combines these with Chinese herbal medicine, specialist vision acupuncture protocols, naturopathic internal supplementation, meditation and lifestyle advice to maximise your vision.

Why choose ben&biao vision acutherapy?

Our intensive 10 day program combines the best evidence protocols from around the globe and incorporates them into a single program specifically designed for vision disorders.

We are currently the only clinic in Australia with advanced training in the micro48 course. We use specialist electrical equipment geared for these treatments.

We have experience in treating vision disorders.

Ben&biao’s vision acutherapy is a holistic approach that includes:

  • Acupuncture – Using evidence based protocols we needle both systemically and around the eye.  Acupuncture increases blood flow to the eyes, decreases oxidative stress and can also provide neurological stimulation when the appropriate acupuncture points are used. Detailed below are studies where acupuncture has been successfully used.
  • Internal Supplements – Most eye conditions have oxidative stress and cellular degeneration. As part of the health picture, you may improve vision parameters with supplementation of certain vitamins and/or Chinese medicinal herbal formulas. The formulae we use will be individualised but are based on treatment protocols that have been successfully used.
  • Lifestyle advice – Diet, sleep and exercise play an important role in minimising vision degeneration and these are discussed and advice given based on current evidence, during the consultations.
  • Eye Exercises/Meditation/Qi Gong – Experience has taught us the best results come when patients participate in the healing journey. Guided meditation, breathe work and eye exercises will be used when appropriate.

By working to increase blood flow and oxygen supply to your eyes, this safe, natural and effective procedure addresses the three aspects of your vision together: your eye, your central nervous system and your brain.

An integrative and holistic approach to vision care

Ben&biao’s integrative and holistic approach to vision care is designed for people suffering from a wide variety of eye conditions, vision problems and degenerative eye diseases including Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macular Degeneration.

Research has shown that integrative and holistic approaches to vision care supports the body to improve and heal at a cellular level and can facilitate superior outcomes for patients.

For the thousands of patients with eye diseases who have received this form of acupuncture and integrative care treatment, many, depending on the type of eye disease, respond to this treatment. Please see our Vision case studies.

Is vision acutherapy treatment at ben&biao right for you?

Each patient is unique and so your results will also depend on the stage of your vision loss or impairment and how chronic it is.  Please contact us if you require more information on whether our vision acutherapy may be suitable for you.

What next?

Step 1:   Book a one on one consultation with Dr Heidi Dunn.  This can either be in person or via zoom.  In this appointment Dr Heidi will take a full medical history and discuss your options for treatment.

Step 2: If you decide to go ahead, we will set up a schedule of treatment times and give you a vision recovery plan which sets out clearly our diet, herbal and supplement and vision exercise recommendations.

Step 3: We encourage you to get some baseline testing done with your eye doctor prior to starting your treatments. Testing should be repeated 2-3 weeks after the course of treatments have been completed. Our patients find that their eyesight continues to improve for several weeks after the treatment and then stabilises.

Step 4: we look forward to meeting you and getting started on your vision recovery journey.

If you would like to know more, you can look at our case studies or book an initial consultation with Heidi Dunn here.

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