Pregnancy and birth clearly demonstrate how amazing a woman’s body really is as the muscles and ligaments stretch and soften to accommodate the growing baby.  Equally amazing is our bodies’ capacity to return to its pre-baby incarnation – but some things may need a little help and more support. Women may find they have a protruding tummy, that they ‘leak’ when exercising, may have clicking or aching hips and/or pelvis, when they walk or do other exercise or feel a ‘gap’ in their abdominal muscles.

If any of these sound familiar then it may time to book with our women’s health physiotherapist for an assessment, treatment and, put in place an individualised program to correct the body.

Julie’s 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist with a special interest in women’s health, her experience as a pilates instructor and ‘Connect Therapy practitioner’ means she has the tools and knowledge to assess and bring the body back into alignment, to strengthen the tendons and ligaments and, adjust the pelvis resulting in stronger abdominals, return to strength pelvic floor and pain free exercising.

Julie uses real time ultrasound to assess your pelvis, abdomen and core muscles and check the function of your abdominal wall. She is also able to provide you with information on the exact abdominal exercise which are safe for you to do at different stages after birth. She doesn’t believe that it’s ever too late to regain abdominal and pelvic strength and is happy to treat women 12 months or 12 years after babies.

In using the the ‘Connect Therapy and Thoracic Ring Approach’ she will also identify other barriers preventing your recovery and will teach you strategies and exercises that will assist you in moving stronger and help you feel more connected to your body.

While on the road to recovery Julie may recommend acupuncture, which has been shown to lower pain and inflammation and speed up recovery period.

Call us on 0403 273 008 to discuss with Julie the right approach for you or book with Julie now.

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