Reopening is a long-awaited positive step forward but has a measured level of risk associated with more people moving around in our community.  NSW Health have indicated that we may see an increase in positive cases in the short term.

As healthcare practitioners we do not discriminate or refuse care to anyone based on their vaccination status.  In order to do this safely we follow information provided by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority) and The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, both of which are guided by the public health orders being released by NSW Health.

The information related to healthcare businesses may change or be updated as we move forward through reopening, so please make sure you read your booking confirmation and reminder emails for the most up to date information for your appointment.

As your health practitioners we want to reassure you that we are always making your individual health our highest priority and are taking additional steps to ensure your appointment is as safe as possible.

All of us at Ben&biao are fully vaccinated but we do treat patients who cannot be vaccinated and those with various health conditions that make them more vulnerable to contracting Covid.

Our acupuncturists and massage therapist clearly cannot maintain 1.5m social distancing (our arms aren’t that long!), so we have put some additional precautions into place to do our best to keep you all safe when in our clinic and to avoid possible shutdowns for quarantine:

  • We will be wearing a appropriate face masks at all times
  • We have installed a hospital grade HEPA air purifiers to clean the air continuously in every room, the reception and hallways
  • Wherever possible we will have the window open to encourage fresh airflow
  • We will continue to use hospital grade cleaning products between each patient on all areas of communal contact
  • We will continue to wash our hands with medical hand soap between every patient
  • We will continue to temperature check every patient before beginning treatment

We ask that all patients visiting the clinic: 

  • Check in using the NSW Health QR codeon the front door prior to entry
  • Wear a correctly fitted facemask prior to entering and at all times when inside the clinic
  • Help yourself to hand sanitiser in reception.
  • Let us know if you are not feeling well so that we can reschedule (if you provide 24 hrs notice or we are able to fill the appointment from our waitlist we will not charge a cancellation fee).

All of these precautions are contained within our Covid Safe Plan that is registered with NSW Health.

If you would like to talk to us about how these changes affect you personally, please do not hesitate to get in touch by either calling 0403 273 008 or emailing prior to your appointment.

We stand with you in these challenging times,

Sally and Heidi
Co-founding Directors and Drs of Chinese Medicine
Ben&biao Natural Medicine Clinic, Randwick

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