Feet that take us wherever we want or need to go anytime we choose – it’s fundamental right?

Some of us are lucky enough to get away with taking our feet for granted.  We dance, run, stand all day and enjoy our activities with no consequences whatsoever.

For some of us though, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar Heel Pain  or Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can really pull us up short with either sharp pain when we are active, or when we first get out of bed in the morning and after a rest with our feet up.

For others it’s a consistent dull ache wearing away at our peace of mind.

At ben&biao we look at your whole picture to see what is driving the pain and we work with you to create a strategy to move you forward.

The exact cause of the pain is often unclear, but we will assess you and look for signs such as:


We will also ask a range of questions to help us discover possible triggers eg:

  • INAPPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR  – it needs to fit and provide adequate support for the types of activity you do, and not cause you any pain
  • CONTRIBUTING LIFESTYLE & ACTIVITIES – are there stresses you haven’t thought of?  Perhaps changes you can make to avoid aggravating the pain and to avoid relapses or becoming chronic. We can help identify these with you along with showing you appropriate stretching techniques.

Acupuncture for foot pain

If your reaction was “ouch!” then it might help to know that acupuncture needles are TINY and not hollow, compared to those used to inject anti-inflammatories that you may be considering…  a whole different ball game.

Acupuncture and EA helps to reduce inflammation, relax muscles, stimulate tissue repair, strengthen muscle, improve local circulation and reduce pain.

Acupuncture can be used to relieve Plantar Fasciitis (PF).  In a 2012 study, treatment using electro acupuncture (EA) plus conventional care was compared to a control group receiving only conventional care (stretching exercised, shoe modification and rescue pain killers).

EA combined with conventional treatments provided a success rate of 80% in chronic PF and the combination was more effective than conventional treatment alone and lasted for at least 6 weeks.

A typical course of treatment is twice per week for five weeks.  10 treatments in all.

PREVENTION: always better than cure – so remember to wear appropriate footwear, manage your weight, avoid exercising on hard surfaces and keep feet and leg muscles and joints flexible. Warm up and stretch properly before you exercise.


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