Why buying supplements from qualified practitioners at ben&biao rather than off the shelf is better for both your body and your wallet

Do you know what you are actually buying?

Any product that makes a specific claim on its label, for example, ‘pregnancy formula’, must be backed up by scientific trials (double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials). In theory this is done to protect public safety. Every ingredient listed in the product must have these highest levels of evidence. If it has not, a company can only use the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) levels of that particular nutrient.

Due to the costs involved in running the clinical trials, many of the vitamins and minerals in a formula have not undergone clinical trials. While there is very good evidence for the use of supplements, as the formula may not have met the highest levels of evidence, RDA levels as opposed to therapeutic levels are used in many products.

Many of these products are therefore potentially very low in the levels of nutrients required for the therapeutic doses that may often be needed in particular circumstances including during pregnancy, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, nervous system conditions and many others.

The quality of the product you take

It costs money to make a high quality product and subject it to the necessary clinical trials.

To save on costs and have the product cheaper at the checkout, the formula may use ingredients in formats that are cheaper and not the most absorbable and usable by the body.

Products that have been formulated by a Biochemist, Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutritionist or Doctor are generally Practitioner Only Products and must be dispensed by a qualified practitioner. They contain the optimal therapeutic doses of nutrients and are formulated with higher quality ingredients that are better absorbed and used by the body.

The cost to you and your health of the product you use

While they may cost more initially, the overall cost to you in the long term will be less in dollars and higher in the level of your health and wellbeing.

Fish Oil is an excellent example to demonstrate the importance of the quality and the cost of a product.

The heavy metals mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic are all contaminants that can be found in fish oils. Fish, particularly larger species, can absorb these heavy metal contaminants from their polluted environments. Heavy metal contaminants can be harmful for health, which is why it is important you choose purified fish oils. Impurities, pesticides and persistant organic pollutants such as DDT, dioxins can be found in fish oils and have the potential to impact health.

These pollutants can accumulate in the body and affect its ability to function and potentially play a role in the development of disease.

It is possible to buy large containers of fish oil very cheaply. However, has the oil been properly cleaned? Does it contain heavy metals? Does it contain pollutants?

The cheap oil that is bought now may cause a greater expense to your health and wallet later on.


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