If bub is not in the optimal position such as breech, we recommend coming to an acupuncturist for our traditional method of ‘turning the baby’ with moxa. This is best done between 28-37 weeks where it helps to stimulate maternal hormones which can encourage very gentle contractions in the uterine lining  and encourage the baby to move.  While it is not well understood from a western medical perspective the mechanism by which this works, it is widely observed that for many cases, it is beneficial.   Sessions are comfortable and relaxing, and should be done daily. A single session may not turn the baby so session and we provide training and a moxibustion stick that the patient can take home to continue treatment.


Here at Ben&biao we use acupuncture to prepare the body for optimal labouring. As the body comes into the final few weeks of pregnancy the pelvic ligaments need to soften and loosen and the body will commence it’s ‘practice contractions’ called ‘Braxton hicks’ contractions. There are many reasons this may be delayed or prevented from occurring – eg: stress, lack of sleep, fatigue and long term nausea earlier in the pregnancy are just a few reasons. We recommend pre-birth acupuncture treatments in the final weeks of pregnancy to help prepare both mind and body for a welcoming and calm, optimal labour process. This is usually started at week 36.  Some research suggests that women who undergo birth preparation acupuncture have shorter labour times and a decreased rate of intervention, including inductions and caesareans (References below).

This is also an opportunity to address other issues which may hae arisen during pregnancy such as hypertension, insomnia, heartburn or posterior positioned babies.  Our treatments aim to provide you with more energy, lower stress levels and generally encourage the body’s natural progression towards the onset of labour.

Throughout Labour Preparation treatments we also educate our patients about Acupressure and how they and their partner can use this technique as part of Labour.,

When appropriate, we can also provide Chinese herbs from 40 weeks plus to help induce labour.

If you want help with labour induction see here

If you would like support for breech or pre birth preparation please book here or contact the clinic for a first appointment.



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