This is the second part in our acne series blogs. Part 1: ‘Hormones and Acne’ can be read ‘here

In our first blog we wrote about the role of hormones in acne. Another major contributor to acne is inflammation. Inflammation is part of our body’s defence system.

It is our body’s protective response to something that is harmful.

Our immune system responds to harmful agents by sending messaging agents and specialist cells that attempt to rid the body of the problem.

Inflammation is fine when it is a short-term response but if the body is under constant attack from substances it sees as “harmful”, inflammation becomes chronic. It can occur throughout the body especially in the gut. In acne sufferers it also shows in the face in the form of the spots, pustules, redness and cysts which acne sufferers have.

So what are some of the substances that can cause a chronic inflammatory response?

Currently there are many.

The body generally doesn’t like; UV radiation, smoke, chemicals and irritants such as those in household cleaning and beauty products, air pollution, simple sugars, heavy metals, plastics especially those that have made it into the food chain, meat that has been pumped with hormones and chemically-enhanced fertilisers to name but a few.

Inflammation can also occur from stress, sleep deprivation, worry and anxiety as these negatively impact the body’s ability to regulate the immune and inflammation process.

So how does inflammation impact the skin?

Inflammation usually means that there is a lack of anti-oxidents. Anti-oxidents are crucial to skin health. Without adequate antioxidant protection the sebum gets damaged. In acne patients the sebum has more squalene which is a form of fatty acid.

As inflammation increases both locally and systemically the squalene turns into squalene peroxide. Squalene peroxide is a highly comedogenic and inflammatory substance, and it is the oxidation of squalene into squalene peroxide which is probably the trigger that starts the acne formation process.

As inflammation is a major part of the acne issue dealing with it is one of the pillars of getting back to good skin.

At ben&biao we combine our knowledge of Chinese medicine with proven Western methods. As the Chinese medicine paradigm is more holistic we will run through your family history, your diet, your lifestyle, your stress factors, your sleep patterns, your bowel movements and work out what exactly is causing the problem. We then make an individualised plan including an acne formula tailored to suit you.

Our Chinese medicine formulas aim to clear inflammation and deal with other internal factors that are out of balance. The plan provided is to help deal with the external factors that may be causing the inflammation.

Our Chinese herbs are taken in powder form. Either dissolved in teas or they can be made into capsules if you prefer.

Acne will take at least a couple of months to properly clear but changes can be seen as quickly as two-three weeks with the correct formulations.

If you or your child has acne then come see what we at ben&biao can do for you.

Initial consultations are:

$145 for an hour consultation. 

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