Trying to conceive naturally – Couple

Female with Endometriosis and husband with poor sperm morphology .

38 year old female with debilitating endometriosis. Came to visit after trying naturally to conceive for 12 months. Had already worked on nutrition and supplements and lifestyle but had 8/10 pain during menstrual bleed. Husband low sperm count.

We gave the husband herbs and acupuncture and the female herbs and biweekly acupuncture with transformational meditation. Pregnant after 3 months treatment and baby delivered.

Trying to conceive naturally

36 year old female trying to conceive naturally .

Irregular cycle with only 2 day bleed. We instructed her to visit her doctor for blood tests – confirmed PCOS. During and post this we gave herbs and weekly acupuncture for 6 weeks moving to bi weekly with transformational meditation.  After 3 months conceived naturally.