Naturopathy is a system of medicine whereby the trained naturopath uses many different techniques and therapies to provide the body with the tools as it attempts to heal and find health again.

Our health is determined not just by our physical body, but also by our thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, patterns of behaviour and habits.

Therefore when imagining what naturopathy can do it is best to imagine a beautiful bunch of different coloured balloons sitting together in a sturdy holder. Each balloon represents a different “string” of Naturopathy that can be used to help you recover:

  • clinical nutrition and dietary advice
  • western herbal medicine
  • emotional support
  • exercise and lifestyle advice
  • homeopathy and tissue salts
  • Bach flower remedies
  • bodywork

Treating you as a whole (rather than just as a system), addressing the causes of your condition (rather than only the symptoms) and understanding the innate healing power of your body are the hallmarks of Naturopathy.

As no two people are alike in their physicality, thoughts and emotions, your plan of treatment is tailored specifically for you using whichever “string/s” are best at the time to address your individual health concerns and support you in rediscovering your health.

For more information please see Chantelle ven der Weyden

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What is our approach

Our approach to natural therapy and medicine is simple. We use:

Evidence Based Protocols

We are guided by research and proven protocols that get results. We belong to global learning networks and keep up-to-date with the latest findings in our fields.

Summaries of our findings and recommendation

We provide you with a clear Treatment Plan setting out our agreed treatment aims and how we plan to get you there.

Experienced practitioners

We are highly qualified, with experienced practitioners with many years of experience. Most importantly we practice medicine because we love it

Proven modalities

  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Nursing
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Ultra sound

High quality products

We source Organic and AAA rated natural herbs for our teas, broths and medicines. Our practitioner supplements are tested to ensure you are getting the exact ingredients and dosages we prescribe for you.