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Cellulite treatment with acupuncture and cupping

Cellulite occurs as a combination of increased and enlarged fat cells and poor circulation.

As fat cells enlarge and push up against the skin the fibrous cords that attach skin to muscle pull down and as lymphatic flow becomes more congested and toxic. It results in appearance of dimpling on the surface of your skin. the skin fat cells and toxicity.

This theory assumes that one must have a lot of fat cells however ‘slim’ people also get cellulite. While there are many factors, changes in hormones such as increase in oestrogen will also cause cellulite. This is why chubby babies don’t have cellulite.

In Chinese Medicine this directly relates to

  • Weak energy in the digestive system
  • Accumulation of ‘phlegm and mucus’
  • Poor blood flow
  • Poor lymphatic flow
  • Sub optimal hormones

In chinese medicine we do not work on just one part of the body but aim to treat the cause and the symptom. Therefore in clearing cellulite we use both strong manual therapy combined with herbs and advice to help address the underlying causes.

Cellulite Manual Therapy

In cellulite manual therapy we use a combination of needles and specialist cupping.

The needles are used both to address the underlying cause of poor blood and lymphatic flow and inserted all over the effected area and into areas of the body that address the underlying causes such as hormone imbalance and poor digestion. They remain inserted for a period ranging from 20 – 35 minutes.

After the needles have been removed, specialist cellulite suction cupping is used to further enhance the blood flow.

At the end of your treatment you will further receive ‘take home’ acupuncture needles that are left at specific points in the body and ear. These are replaced approximately weekly.

In order to sustain the improved condition you may be required to supplement the acupuncture treatment through

  • Exercising
  • Avoiding certain foods
  • Herbs to address underlying disfunction

Frequency And Duration

As regards the frequency of your treatment, two sessions per week are required. While considerable improvement can be noticed after about five or six sessions, a total of 10 to 12 sessions are normally prescribed.


Initial treatment $180

Follow on treatments are $120 


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