If it’s celebration time and if you are needing to avoid the booze, it can be tempting to avoid the party altogether… but don’t!! Try a mocktail instead!

Below are some of our party favourites. Just add a straw (try to avoid using plastic), some fruit, an umbrella and… voila!

These are all tried and tested in the kitchen and on the veranda! Please let us know if you have any and we’ll add these to the list!

Have a cool summer!

Iced Tea

Back on trend and perfect for late afternoon or early evening drinks, replacing your usual wine, sparkling or G&T. Just think of tropical Indian nights, flowing kaftans and you’ll get the idea!


Herbal tea of your choice

Ice cubes

Fruit (opt.)


Take a jug.

Find your favourite herbal tea.

Add boiling water to about 4x the normal quantity (fill the jug).

Let it steep to your preferred taste.

Throw away the leaves.

Let cool in the fridge and when ready, add ice and possibly fruit (depending on the tea).


Watermelon Mojito

Get all the taste without the after effect!


¼ piece of watermelon flesh

1 cup of coconut water
A wedge of lime
½ tsp of honey or ‘agarve’ syrup


Blitz the watermelon and coconut water together.
Pour over ice.
Squeeze the lime (then throw it in).
Add the honey or agarve, to sweeten.
Add straw and enjoy!

Sunset Special

A favourite for all the family!

Approx. 15mL / 1 large tbsp. of mango puree (we like the brand ‘Monin’)
Soda water (250mL)
Approx. 5mL / 1 tsp of grenadine
Your choice of tropical fruit on a skewer


Get glasses ready.
Place ice cubes in each.
Add mango puree to each.
Add soda water to each.
Mix well.
Once settled, CAREFULLY and SLOWLY pour the grenadine down the side. It should sink to the bottom giving a pretty red layer.
Add fruit stick and straw and enjoy!

Cranberry and Pomegranate Quencher

A perfect replacement for a Pims…


1 cup of cranberry juice
1 cup of pomegranate juice
2 cups of ginger ale
Fresh pomegranate seeds (opt.)
Lime (opt.)


Prep glasses.
Pour all ingredients in and mix well.
For a pretty garnish, add fresh pomegranate seeds and serve with a twist of lime.