A healthy glow, flawless skin and youthful appearance have more to do with what we put IN our bodies than what we do to our face.

Here at ben & biao we were lucky enough to receive training from the beautiful (inside and out) Sofia Silcenko on what internal supplements REALLY make a difference. Sofia is a trained pharmacist and naturopath with interest in healthy aging.

So what are the main supplements she recommends?



  • A good whole body collagen will have at least 10g of protein per serve. ALL women over 50 should be aiming to increase their protein as we lose amino acids more easily once oestrogen has dropped as in the menopause.
  • Amino acids are the molecules that make muscle, cartilage, bone and collagen in the skin. One of the reasons women start to lose the fullness in their face as they age is due to the bone density in the cheek bones starts to decline.  Therefore, your collagen supplement should be able to target all of these areas.

We sell Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen which has 3 types of collagen peptides:

  • Verisol. Stimulates skin metabolism. Amazing with the cosmetic acupuncture!!
  • Fortigel : Regeneration of joint cartilage
  • Fortibone: Promotes bone health, increases bone density and reduces degradation of bone.

The DFH collagen is tasteless and heat stable. You can add it to your yogurt, or even your bolognaise.  Ask us if you’d like to buy.


Effectively 5g of Omega 3s per day.

Why the need for Omega 3?

Well it has several benefits:

  • It will moisturise the skin from the inside.
  • It curbs inflammation. Both in the skin (acne/rosacea) and also in the gut. The gut is important as we detoxify through the gut and if you have impaired gut health it will help mend the gut.
  • It reduces the effects of sun damage which leads to faster aging.
  • Omega 3s support the action of collagen
  • Omega 3s promote skin cell turnover thereby removing old skin cells with new cells.

When buying omega 3 (fish oils) spend wisely. Buying bulk and/or cheap is likely to mean that the fish oil is of low quality, rancid and even contaminated. It is actually worse for you than if you hadn’t taken any at all because it will lead to further inflammation.

Make sure when you buy it’s Australia made (minimal travel) and from quality fish stocks.

Our preferred brands are DFH/metagenics/Bioceuticals.

We supply practitioner grade fish oils


2-4g a day.

Vitamin C is required by the body when utilising collagen as it promotes the production of cells called fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are found in the skin and produce the connective tissue that keep our skin and joints supple. All collagen should be taken with vitamin C in order to obtain the best benefit.

Vitamin C is also the precursor of many other anti-oxidents in the body and therefore is an important adjunct for healthy aging generally.

We supply practitioner grade vitamin C powder that can be mixed into your smoothie and combined with your collagen.

If you would like to buy any of these practitioner grade supplements from us please let us know on 0403273008 or speak to your practitioner in clinic.

 These products go great with our cosmetic acupuncture and anti aging treatments  which target the face and tighten, smooth and plump the skin giving it a more youthful appearance.

The combination of products and the treatments is a great way to naturally improve ones skin!

If you would like to know more please contact the clinic or BOOK NOW