While all of us, men and women, shed some hair daily and sometimes seasonally.  This is normal.

If you feel that you are having excessive hair loss or thinning you must first question why.

These can be some of the main reasons:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Chemo-therapy
  • Underlying disease in the body
  • Hormone disruption
  • Circulation deficiency or disruption
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Male pattern baldness in some men usually follows a family genetic trait or it can be part of the aging process.

Hair loss during chemotherapy usually regrows after treatment finishes.

Chinese medicine may be a viable solution for those experiencing hair loss from hormone disruption, circulation issues, stress and nutritional deficiencies.

At ben&biao we treat thinning or hair loss with a combination of Chinese herbs, lifestyle advice and we also look at your nutritional intake. Nutritional deficiency such as Vitamin B can be a strong contributor to hair loss and we may recommend that you get a blood test to check on hormone, disease and nutritional markers.

There are number of Chinese herbs that have evidence supporting their use in stopping hair loss, increasing hair growth and even reduce greying.  We use these herbs along with nutritional and lifestyle advice. Depending on your presentation we may also provide creams to apply to the area and or use acupuncture techniques to improve the blood supply to the area to encourage hair growth.

All treatments are individualised to treat the underlying cause as well as the hair loss itself.  Our herbs are given as formulae in powder or pill form. While all of our herbal formulae will contain similar herbs in them that address the hair loss directly, we never just give a single herb as this does not address the multitude of bodily functions that occur to regulate hair growth.

We strongly advise against buying single herb supplements such as He Shou Wu, off the shelf in a shop or on the web as these are known to be toxic to the liver if taken over a period of time. These herbs were not meant to be taken on their own and you should visit a Chinese medicine practitioner to have correct diagnosis and a suitable dosage and formula prescribed for you.

At ben&biao our staff have the accredited training and are familiar with treating hair loss. If you would like to know more about what we can do to help you please contact Heidi, Sally, Zoe or Bree on 0403 273 008 or Book now for an appointmentt with Heidi or Sally.

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