Case studies are for informative purposes only. Every person is individual with different lifestyles and health status before they come to us. These case studies show how we use a full person approach to your health when we treat the ‘eye and vision’ disorders. Clearing Inflammation and improving circulation are key. We work on patients underlying causes as well as the vision loss in order to get the best results from the program.  We cannot guarantee results but we do work with our patients before, during and after treatments to ensure that they are in the best position for the acutherapies to work.

Case Study – Myopia/Glaucoma/history of detached retina

60 years female. Long history of eye problems including Severe myopia since early childhood.

Cateracts post pregnancy. Retinal tear in both eyes, detached retina and glaucoma.

Currently poor peripheral vision, myopic, dry eyes with debris causing vision debilitating floaters.

Patient came for the  ben@biao acuvision protocol which is an integrative treatment including acupuncture, herbs, eye exercises, supplements and transformational meditation.

Three weeks post treatment the patient was impacted by Queensland floods and had a lot of stress but reported that her peripherary vision had been extended including getting back the part of the vision that had gone blank over 12 months ago and was able to see more clearly including at night.

Case Study Retinosa Pigmentosa (RP)

Male 60s

Athletic male, healthy with exception of RP. Degeneration over last 20 years. Peripheral vision only.

Consultation resulted in Herbs sent one month prior to ben and biao acuvision protocol for RP.

After 5 treatments improvement to night vision. At end of 10 day treatment protocol improvement in night vision and 8 weeks post treatment reported improved clarity and increased peripheral vision.

Case Study Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

Male 50s. retinal occlusion CRVO – loss of vision in left eye. Received injection to eye to stem bleeding from opthamologist who advised he would need further and regular injections and may not get full vision back.  He came to us with blurred vision in the left eye. Received acupuncture and Chinese herbs daily. We recommended integrating oxygen therapy and provided meditation techniques. After 10 treatments he could see clearly without the blur.  We recommended diet and lifestyle advise supplement, eye exercises, qi gong and asked him to follow up with his ophthalmologist. Bleeding had stopped, no fluid retained, blood pressure was lowered.

Case Study – AMD –Macular Degeneration & early stage Glaucoma

59 year old female.

Diagnosed by ophthalmologist after headaches, visual distortions and high eye blood pressure.

Treatment consisted of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplementation, eye exercises and lifestyle change advice.

Post treatment patient lowered eye pressure to normal range, improved vision and better adaptation to light/dark changes