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Monday 12.00-6.00pm

Tuesday 10.00-6.00

Sundays by direct request for appointment.  

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Barbara is a specialist in Zen Shiatsu Therapy with over 15 years clinical experience.

Her core belief is that Shiatsu brings depth and stability to one’s personal health and well-being. It is more than a massage; it is energy-based body-work that is thorough, therapeutic and an absolute pleasure to receive.

Barbara’s treatments can help you recover from pain and trauma, manage chronic issues, build resistance to illness and stress, bask in your pregnancy or simply feel more at ease and energised in your body, mind and spirit.

Barbara’s primary aim is to help people feel better in themselves and function better in their lives. Her larger goal is to empower people to take charge of their own well-being so that they may enjoy greater health and vitality.

Her 35 years’ experience in Yoga encompasses a range of Indian and Japanese styles. In her past life (in the world of dance and theatre), she worked extensively with creative visualisation & Feldenkrais-based “Moving Awareness” techniques for body release & integration.

Barbara offers holistic client care incorporating all of these elements. Her follow up suggestions consolidate the treatment and provide tools to help you help yourself and experience long lasting, sustainable change.

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Barbara’s qualifications include:

Diploma of Zen Shiatsu Therapy
Incl. Courses in Food as Medicine (whole foods & macrobiotics) & KI Yoga (meridian support & balancing)

Post-diploma training with Clifford Andrews (UK) in Advanced Shiatsu Energy Work:

  • Foundations of Advanced Energy Work
  • Shiatsu Energy Work & its Clinical Application
  • Treating the Back with Shiatsu & TCM
  • Treating Stress & Trauma with Shiatsu & TCM
  • Vibrational Levels for Shiatsu Diagnosis & Treatment


Masterclasses with internationally recognised Shiatsu masters including:

  • Sensei Wataru Ohashi,
  • Sensei Yuji Yahiro and
  • Bill Palmer

BA (Hons. 1), MA (Hons.)

Full Member of the Shiatsu Therapy Assoc. of Australia (STAA)

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