Who doesn’t love clear, bright, soft and smooth skin?

We are genetically dispositioned to prefer good skin -it’s a sign of health and attractiveness. This is why, when people suffer with skin problems it’s not just the discomfort, itchiness, or pain that are debilitating there is generally an emotional effect too.

A study in the British Journal of Dermatology found a raised link between acne and depression and those suffering conditions like eczema, Roseacea, Psoriasis may be so upset by appearance that the social stress may lead to anxiety or indeed depression and/or socially isolating themselves.

In the newish field of psychodermatology there is a growing understanding that skin and emotions are linked and inflammation may be to blame. This is no news to us at ben&biao. We believe that the inflammatory response in the skin is often underscored by systemic inflammation and we aim to treat both in our treatments.

So what causes inflammation?

  1. We treat the gut because inflammation often starts here when the gut flora is out of sync (think poor nutrition / antibiotic use / alcohol / drugs and medicines / lifestyle) We treat this with individually tailored herbal treatments, supplements and pro-biotics
  2. We attempt to alkaline the body because inflammation is an acidic issue using basica and nutritional advice.
  3. We use practitioner grade fish oils. (Have you seen the state of our seas?… pay extra and get high quality!)
  4. We use individually tailored acupuncture treatments to lower the inflammatory responders in skin and gut and aim to regulate the nervous and hormone system.
  5. We use cosmetic acupuncture for the face when there is localised swelling, pustules and nodules.
  6. We give, sound and reasonable advice on what you should change and what you can keep on doing.

ben&biao can produce great results to those suffering from skin conditions because every treatment is individually tailored to the direct needs of the patient. Our aim is to get you back to your best skin so you can go out and face the world…..


Cynthia White is a registered nurse and Chinese medicine practitioner with a love all things derma logical

Heidi Dunn is the clinic director and Chinese medicine practitioner with a family genetic disposition to acne.


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