Want to know a little bit more about whether Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with fallopian obstruction?

In a study from 2014 researchers looked at the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs for clearing or minimizing obstructions in the fallopian tubes of women. 200 women with fallopian tube-related infertility were divided randomly into two groups: those who received weekly acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbs and those who took 3 commonly prescribed Western medications – antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and chymotrypsin which acts on the lower bowel.  The results are extremely clear: those in the TCM (acupuncture and Chinese herbs group) had a 90% effectiveness rate in which 53% had complete dissipation of all obstructions. There was also a 65% pregnancy rate following treatment for those in the TCM group while those in the standard medication group had a 42% total recovery rate and, here’s the kicker, only a 38% pregnancy rate following standard, Western treatment. The study had each group engage in treatment for three courses (or over the period of three menstrual cycles). See below for a link to the article and actual study (This includes points and herbs used):

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Clear Fallopian Tube Obstruction Related to Infertility

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Ding L, Wang PJ, Zhu SM, Liu GY & Cao CL. (2014). Clinical study on the treatment of fallopian tube obstructive infertility with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.​ Modern Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. 23(17).