How Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with treatment and prevention: Part III

Not everyone will have a deadly reaction to the Coronavirus. Like any virus, there are those that will contract the virus and overcome it without any intervention, and those who may need to be hospitalised.  We want to fall into the category where our body’s defences are able to overcome the viral infection upon contraction…

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Coronavirus and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Part II

Within the Chinese Medicine arena, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Chief, Dr Liu Qing-Quan one of the frontline integrative TCM and Orthodox Medicine doctors in the treatment of SARS back in 2003, has lead a team of experts in developing and drafting a Chinese medicine protocol in combating 2019 Coronavirus. This was developed on the 21st…

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Why gift vouchers make the best gifts

Health is the most valuable asset we have and helping someone stay healthy or regain their health is literally the gift that keeps on giving. We have been asked several times by patients if they can ‘gift’ appointments to friends and family, so with this in mind we are excited to announce we are now…

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